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Welcome to Khalifa Real Estate, a leading Manama real estate company founded in 2017. With over 6 years of expertise in the vibrant and dynamic Manama property market, we are your go-to partner for buying and renting luxury properties in this world-class city. Our team of dedicated professionals prides itself on providing exceptional service, personalized advice, and in-depth market knowledge to ensure you make the best decisions for your real estate needs.

At Khalifa Real Estate, we open doors to unparalleled investment opportunities and living experiences in the heart of Manama while fostering long-lasting relationships based on integrity, transparency, and innovation.

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High Quality Products

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our developments. We use only high-quality materials and employ the finest craftsmanship to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. Our properties are a testament to our dedication to providing superior quality in every detail.

Green Environment

Embrace eco-living with us! Our properties integrate green technology and natural landscapes, ensuring a sustainable, serene environment. Live in harmony with nature without sacrificing modern comforts. Join our green revolution in real estate.

Comprehensive Amenities

Discover a world where every detail caters to your comfort and convenience. Our properties feature state-of-the-art facilities, serene wellness centers, and vibrant community spaces, all designed to enhance your living experience. Revel in a lifestyle that seamlessly blends modernity with relaxation and security.

Professional Services

Experience the pinnacle of care and convenience with our team of experts dedicated to ensuring your living experience is seamless and satisfying. From responsive maintenance to thoughtful assistance, every interaction is designed to exceed expectations and enhance your lifestyle.

Humanitarian Community

Join a community where compassion and action unite. Our developments foster a culture of humanitarian values, encouraging residents to engage in meaningful initiatives and support each other. Together, we create not just homes, but a network of care and social responsibility.

Absolute Security

Rest assured in an environment where safety is paramount. Our developments are equipped with advanced security systems and vigilantly monitored round-the-clock. With our comprehensive approach to security, we ensure peace of mind for every resident, creating a haven of safety and tranquility.

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Trusted by thousands of our happy customers

Khalifa Real Estate sets the gold standard for luxury living. Their expertise, impeccable service, and elite property selection redefine opulent real estate. A privilege to collaborate with for the discerning elite.

Jeffrey Kreshek
New York

The company showed deep market knowledge, professionalism, and focus on sustainable, community-friendly development. The smooth, transparent process aligned well with our investment strategy, underscoring our commitment to valuable, long-term assets.

Mike Stevenson

As a European investor, my real estate purchase in Bahrain was great. The local company was very knowledgeable and professional, making the buying process easy and effective for my investment needs.

Merrin Dardenne
Our Mission

Turning Property Dreams into Reality: Khalifa Real Estate's Mission

Our mission at Khalifa Real Estate is simple: to provide top-notch real estate services that meet and exceed our clients' needs. We believe in honest, professional dealings and aim to make every property transaction smooth and stress-free. Our team is dedicated to using their expertise to help clients make smart, informed choices in their real estate ventures. At Khalifa Real Estate, we're more than just a company - we're a partner in turning your property dreams into reality.

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